Trent & Peak Archaeology offer a comprehensive range of archaeological and heritage services for the development and construction industries.

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Heritage Consultancy 

Our Heritage Consultancy team will guide you through the planning and development process from land acquisition to completion, providing expert heritage advice and assessment.

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We offer a range of techniques to establish the extent of remains and the need for archaeological investigation including: Fieldwalking; borehole surveying; test-pitting and trial trenching.



Our dedicated field team has experience in all aspects of field archaeology and can provide all types and scales of excavation and evaluation including: Watching briefs; Excavation and Mitigation.

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Historic Buildings & Caves

We have extensive experience in the recording and interpretation of historic buildings and can provide a range of listed building, conservation and planning advice. We are currently conducting a detailed survey of the caves of Nottingham and other subterranean structures.


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We have the expertise to undertake both large-scale landscape surveys and on-site specialist archaeological sampling including risk mapping, palaeoenvironmental analysis and landscape reconstruction.

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We can ensure an efficient assessment and evaluation of material, allowing faster analysis and smooth project completion. Our services include: Finds & environmental processing; Post-excavation project management; and specialist reports.

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Specialist Surveys

Our in-house survey and digital specialists can proved your project with various surveys including: Geophysical; Field; Topographical; High-definition; Aerial photography as well as laser scanning.

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Research & Resource Management

We have conducted a wide variety of research and resource management projects for Historic England and other organisations. These include research frameworks for the East Midlands and Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site. 

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Presentation & Interpretation

Working with our in-house, award-winning museum specialists, The JORVIK Group, we can create displays to suit all spaces, aimed to encourage learning.

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Community Engagement

We can provide engagement, educational and participatory opportunities within or alongside your project. Services include site open days, finds volunteering and outreach.