A Service Provider in Advance of Major Redevelopment Works


Site: Nottingham Castle
Project: Nottingham Castle Transformation
Client: Nottingham City Council
Completion: 2014 - ongoing

Trent & Peak Archaeology has been Nottingham City Council's (NCC) preferred provider for the enabling surveys and preparatory works conducted in advance of major redevelopment proposals. 

Ambitious plans for the redevelopment of the Castle site will place Nottingham Castle firmly at the heart of the city.  As one of the most prominent heritage assets within Nottingham, the castle requires sensitive and continuing management in order to sustain its profile. Its protected status as a Scheduled Ancient Monument creates, however, complex archaeological requirements and constraints. 

We are proud to have been chosen to support NCC in managing these competing pressures. Our experience in managing archaeologically sensitive sites, established relationships with Nottingham City Council, and a unique understanding of the archaeology of Nottingham, are just some of the reasons why we were chosen for the project.

A number of works assisting in both the decision-making process and re-conceptualisation of the site layout have been conducted. This has included excavation of human remains, geo-environmental analysis and archaeological excavations carried out both adjacent to the Ducal Palace and on the gatehouse bridge.