A Successful Partnership Lasting Over Ten Years


Site: Northwich, River Thames and Derby
Project: Water & Environment Management Framework
Client: Environment Agency
Completion: 2015-2017

TPA operates as a partner in the management and mitigation of heritage constraints on significant schemes within the Framework. This has included Northwich (Cheshire) and the River Thames (Datchet to Teddington). 

Commissioned in July 2015 for extensive excavation and monitoring at the Scheduled Monument of Little Chester Roman fort (Derby) , TPA successfully delivered the complete  excavation programme within 13 months. Completion to budget and on time allowed smooth progression within the scheme, as part of the construction of flood defences within the City of Derby.  

Bespoke systems created by TPA equip us to offer a system of post-excavation during mitigation, approved by Historic England, producing an exceptionally rapid turnaround of assessment, reporting and site interpretation.