We provide a full range of heritage services with particular expertise in flood defence infrastructure, the minerals sector and high-definition survey

Established in 1967 as an offshoot of the Department of Archaeology at the University of Nottingham, Trent & Peak Archaeology found a new home in 2011 as part of the York Archaeological Trust, along with the other regional units ArcHeritage in Sheffield and Northlight Heritage in Glasgow.

York Archaeological Trust for Excavation and Research is an independent charity, founded in 1972, which investigates the past for the benefit of present communities and future generations. 

Senior Management


Dr Howard Jones


Regional Director

Contact Details:
Email: hjones@yorkat.co.uk     Tel: 0115 8967407


Dr David Knight

Head of Research

Contact Details:
Email: dknight@yorkat.co.uk    Tel: 0115 8967404


Dr Gareth Davies

Head of Operations

Contact Details:
Email: garethdavies@yorkat.co.uk     Tel: 0115 8967402


Lee Elliott

Head of Projects

Contact Details:
Email: lelliott@yorkat.co.uk    Tel: 0115 8967400


Project Managers

Alison Wilson

Post-ExcaVation Manager (finds)

Contact Details:
Email: awilson@yorkat.co.uk     

Tel: 0115 8967403

Kristina Krawiec

PROJECT MANAGER (Geo-Archaeology)

Contact Details:
Email: kkrawiec@yorkat.co.uk    

Tel: 0115 8967400

Fiona Moore

Project Manager (Heritage consultancy)

Contact Details:
Email: fmoore@yorkat.co.uk

Tel: 0115 8967410

Philippa Broomhead

Project Manager

Contact Details:
Currently on maternity leave


Tom Hooley

Trainee P.M.

Contact Details:
Email: thooley@yorkat.co.uk

Tel: 0115 8967400

Ed Taylor

Project Manager

Contact Details:
Email: etaylor@yorkat.co.uk     

Tel: 0115 8967409

Dr Michael Lobb


Contact Details:
Email: mlobb@yorkat.co.uk    

Tel: 0115 8967412

Dr Steve Malone

Project Manager

Contact Details:
Email: smalone@yorkat.co.uk     

Tel: 0115 8967405

Kate Smart.jpg

Kate Smart

Post Excavation Manager

Contact Details:
Email: ksmart@yorkat.co.uk    

Tel: 0115 8967400




Clare Asbury

office Manager

Contact Details:
Email: casbury@yorkat.co.uk    Tel: 0115 8967400

Julie Wray


Contact Details:
Email: jwray@yorkat.co.uk    Tel: 0115 8967400


Our Team

Current Vacancies

There are currently no job vacancies within Trent & Peak Archaeology. If you would like to see what opportunities are available working within our parent company, York Archaeological Trust, please click here.

Keep in touch

While there may not be any suitable vacancies for you now, Trent & Peak Archaeology are always on the lookout for good people, and we welcome applications whatever your level of experience. If you’d like to send a CV we would be more than happy to consider it. For further details please contact awilson@yorkat.co.uk, enclosing a copy of your CV and a statement of your availability.

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Volunteering and Work Experience

Trent & Peak Archaeology welcomes contributions from volunteers and students. You might be a student looking for practical experience for your degree, a beginner looking to learn more about archaeology, or someone with time to spare and a desire to get your hands dirty. We can’t always promise field excavation (it depends on what our work programme is like), but there are lots of hands-on jobs to do, from finds washing to cataloguing to environmental sample processing.