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Geophysics at Lenton Priory
Trent & Peak Archaeology  Established 1967
Lenton Priory, to the south-west of Nottingham City Centre, was founded in 1106 or 1107 by the Cluniac order, and became one of the wealthiest houses of an order noted for the size and magnificence of its churches. Proposed plan of the Priory Conventual Church from Elliot and Berbank, Thoroton Journal 1952 Today, the Chapel of St Anthony (the priory hospital) and a small portion of a column from the main priory Church at the junction of Priory Street and Old Church Street are the only standing building elements. Despite small excavations in the earlier Twentieth century and continued interest from the Lenton Local History Society, the site - a Scheduled Monument of undoubted national importance - is a very underplayed heritage asset, resulting in a lack of even local awareness of the site. An early excavation (1935-6) by schoolmaster H. Green on the east end of the Priory complex. Image from a local newspaper held by the Nottingham City UAD/HER.   The remaining column at the east end of the Priory Church today, looking south © TPA   St Anthony's Chapel and the open area of the Churchyard, look north. St Anthony's Chapel is the smaller end of the structure to the right and was situated within the precinct of the priory. © TPA Any opportunity for the promotion, exploration and presentation of this fantastic Priory site should be taken. To this end, Trent & Peak Archaeology, funded by Nottingham City Council and the Lenton Local History Society (with the permission of English Heritage and St. Anthony's Church) are undertaking a geophysical survey in the remaining green areas around the Priory complex from mid July to coincide with the Festival of British Archaeology and the Lenton Festival. This work will assist with both the future management and interpretation of the site. The geophysical survey is being run as a community project, so if anyone would like to get involved, please e-mail the TPA Project Manager Dr. Gareth Davies at garethdavies@yorkat.co.uk 
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