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8 Castle Gate   The cave system at number 8 Castle Gate is a malting complex dating from the 15th-16th century, with some possibly earlier parts.  It consists of a circular kiln and stokehole, cistern, well and a rectangular cave with a central pillar.  These features are typical of other malting caves discovered across Nottingham.  You can read more about the different elements of the malting system by clicking here. 8 Castle Gate is one of Nottingham’s most important and historic cave systems, and is preserved as such as a Scheduled Monument  (NG146). You can find out where other Scheduled Monuments are from the Government’s MAGIC website. Other Scheduled caves in Nottingham include Lenton Hermitage, the caves at the base of the Castle Rock, the Drury Hill (Broadmarsh Centre caves) and the maltings beneath 3-7 Middle Pavement.
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